Simple jewellery solutions

*Does your silver ever look tired and tarnished?                                            

*Do your gemstones or diamonds ever look dull?                                                 

*Have you ever lost an earring?

Most of us can say yes to all of the above at some point! Read more about our inexpensive solutions.

Dazzle Stick

There is no reason why your diamonds should not sparkle like the first day you wore them and you can so easily bring life back to your other gemstones too. Dust, dirt, makeup, handcream etc build up on your jewellery over the weeks to really dull your diamonds and gemstones. This gentle hybrid gemstone cleaner gets into every nook and cranny to reveal the true beauty of your jewellery.

Jewellers can charge anything up to £100 for a "Professional clean" of an engagment ring. Which is crazy when you consider that the dazzle stick does the same job. With one dazzle stick you can get between 30-50 cleans in the comfort of your own home for only £11.99. How amazing is that!

Jewellery Wipes

As we know, good quality silver tarnishes naturally and if not worn regularly or exposed to humid conditions can even turn black quite quickly. Even when your silver jewellery looks reasonably clean there will always be an element of tarnish if not cleaned regularly. Keep new jewellery looking fresh and bring new life back to your treasured and sentimental items. Our wipes are a new generation of silver cleaning cloth, these dry wipes quickly and gently remove all tarnish fast so that your jewellery can shine again and look like new every time you wear it.

Lox secure earring backs

Never lose an earring again! 

Every earring wearer loses an earring at some point. For some of us thats far more frequently than we would care to admit. When you lose an earring that is sentimental or valuable it's devastating, which is the reason Lox were invented. If you replace your standard earring back with a pair of Lox you simply won't lose an earring ever again. This revolutionary design is a miniature feat of engineering that earrings have been waiting for for generations. This genius little invention could save you many £s (and tears...) down the line.